Selfie App Reviews Of AirBrush For Iphone And Android

It is not that people look for a review of paid apps alone, but they look for the selfie app reviews for free applications as well. Let us get into a review of one such application called as AirBrush, which is available both on iTunes and Google Play Store both for Apple and Android users to edit their selfies and post the best on their social media account:


For a daily selfie taker like you, AirBrush can really bring the best natural photo editing tools. If you do not want to get another app for photo editing and want everything to be done with a single application, you can confidently opt for AirBrush. Reviews state that this editing app will bring the natural results. The user-friendly interface of this app is something to be pointed out. With AirBrush, you will be in a position to achieve perfect selfie images right from your phone with a simple tap or swipe.

Filters at fingertips:

In addition, selfie app reviews of this app state that the users can enjoy the best selfie editing technology and filters right at their fingertips, and also the best features are assured without any cost involved.


When it comes to the important features of this application, selfie app reviews point out the following features as unique:

  • Blemish removal made easier
  • Teeth whitening technology
  • Achieve glowing complexion with smooth feature
  • Concealer will hide the long tired night effects on your face.
  • To instantly light up your selfie pictures, this app brings the ‘brighten’ feature
  • It will be possible to add depth to your photos with the blur tool

Besides these features, this application encompasses a number of other attractive features for free.

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 Things To Consider:

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Losing weight the healthy way

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It is extremely important to understand that losing weight isn’t about simply getting lighter. You need to ensure that you are losing weight in a healthy way and getting fitter. Weight loss could also mean that you are losing bone weight or muscle mass, either of which is highly undesired. If you are targeting weight loss then it is immensely important that you shed those extra pounds of fat that are making you slow and unhealthy. This is where this weight loss supplement works wonders. You would know that you are losing the unhealthy body fat which is just about as perfect as weight loss can get. This way you will not only lose weight but will also appear slimmer, fitter and more attractive. Thus, taking these weight loss supplement pills has advantages on more than one level. Ask anyone who has greatly benefitted out of the same and you will know how these pills have turned out to be of great help to him/her.

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Awesome Weight Loss and Great Muscle Tone With Extreme Fitness Training

Extreme fitness training can be a great tool for individuals who are looking forward towards achieving rapid, safe weight loss. To get into great shape and burn fat there are two keys ways. First, you will need to build lean muscle mass and second while doing this you will need to burn enough calories to lose weight.

One way to achieve this is by increasing your metabolism dramatically with extreme fitness training through doing exercise such as high reps when lifting weights, cardio and strength training. In order to maintain size and shape, the muscle will burn up calories and the added benefit is even while you sleep the muscle is rebuilding using up calories. Muscle weighs more than the fat so even though some people will maintain the same weight they will still lose fat and look and feel better with greater muscle tone. For other body types, by adding muscle mass, you will have weight loss as well as fat loss; therefore, this depends on your body type and metabolism but will benefit all.


So on average around 3600 calories burned you will lose the equivalent of one pound of body fat. The more extreme training program you are following, the more weight loss you will have. 3600 calories or one pound is a significant number but you must maintain a high-intensity extreme workout as a low, or medium exercise will not show the same results you are after. You need to keep it in high gear to achieve your fat loss target.

If you never worked out before should you jump right into an extreme fitness training program?

Most defiantly not, at first you should take it slow and build up the intensity over or around a 3-4 month period. Never rush things, remember you want to lose weight for the long term and keep it off and doing this slowly is the safest way. Once your strength, endurance and your cardio workouts increase, you can then up your workouts and shift gears to more extreme high intensity. After you have achieved this level of conditioning for your body, you just need to keep going and put in the time and maintain the effort. This will work for you, and you will see a massive amount of fat loss in a short period. Along with reaching your weight loss goals, your body at the same time will build muscle, and you will feel great.

This is a great positive feeling and something you will never regret. Achieving remarkable weight loss while your body gets ripped with muscle will build confidence and self-esteem. Just remember start slow and then build up to your extreme fitness training workouts to a level that suits your body and you will see the results to maintain and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Of course also don’t forget a healthy weight loss diet should go along with any fitness program.

Fitness is very much vital in today’s life. Lives of the people have become so much busy to an extent that they do not have time. It is high time for people to exercise enough to keep their bodies healthy!